I am a licensed psychologist currently in private practice with the Woodland Group in Lexington, Ky. and I obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky in 1985.

Early in my college studies I found myself drawn to psychology and am very grateful to be able to work at a fulfilling career as a psychologist. People often say, “how do you keep from getting depressed listening to people gripe about their lives all day?” And I tell them that it’s not like that at all. People are often in a state of imbalance when they come to see me and my real work is about helping them to see new possibilities, to let go of old fears and to discover new ways to improve their quality of life. My job is always interesting and usually quite rewarding.

I consider it a privilege to be able to work with others in such a special way.





Areas of Expertise

  • Emotional trauma (EMDR)
  • Depression, anxiety, anger, and grief
  • Relationship issues (Imago Therapy)
  • Difficulties with sustaining attention
  • Spirituality concerns and confusion
  • Forgiveness issues
  • Lifestyle health and balance
  • Biofeedback training (HeartMath)
  • Mindfulness meditation